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There Goes My Baby

Usher- There Goes My Baby

"There goes my baby
(oo girl look at you)
You don’t know how good it feels to call you my girl
There goes my baby
Loving everything you do
Oo girl look at you

Bet you ain’t know that I be checking you out
When you be putting your heels on
I swear your body’s so perfect baby
How you work it baby yea
I love the way that you be poking it out
Girl give me something to feel on
So please believe we gone be twerking it out
By the end of the night baby

I’ve been waiting all day to wrap my hands
Around your waist and kiss your face
Wouldn’t trade this feeling for nothing
Not even for a minute
And I’ll sit here long as it takes
To get you all alone
But as soon as you come walking my way
You gon hear me say

There goes my baby”

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